The Summer Doldrums

Hey there, fans! Long time, no speak!

I want to apologize for the radio silence over the last few months. In April, we completed our United States screening tour by visiting Toledo, OH and Lansing, MI. On the plane ride back, yours truly realized the extent to which she was burnt out. I got home at 11 PM that night, turned off my phone, and slept for the next 12 hours.

While the spring was an amazing time, the burn out of the tour was manifesting itself in many different forms. From dwelling on my childhood to my own realization that I will never escape the cloud of HD (it may define me, but it does not control me), it was an emotionally distressing time. A huge thanks to my many friends who helped me through my weakest moments. After a few weeks of silence and reflection, I finally have the energy to update this blog.

While I may have been quiet on the public facing front, the Twitch team has been quite busy behind the scenes. We are preparing to launch an online edition of the film later this Fall, finalizing last minute details of our September Australia Tour, and figuring out the logistics of public performance rights for universities and medical schools. It’s been slow going, as I am also working about 45 hours a week at another non-profit here in Chicago. I greatly appreciate your understanding of my social media absence.

I’m hoping that we have a productive and exciting Fall launch of the film. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes according to schedule. I am beyond excited to move this film to a place of universal access for all of our fans. After four years of blood, sweat, tears, and a little bit of DNA, I cannot wait for Twitch to make its own foray into the big, wide world.

With lots of love,


JPS Summit smile


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