The Fourth Continent

After 45 minutes without power, a crowd of over 80 dedicated individuals made their way into the Labia Theater in Cape Town, South Africa. They were Stanford students, local HD community members and friends of the organizers and they were all there on a Sunday night to watch Twitch.

Thank you to The Labia for hosting us!

Thank you to The Labia for hosting us!

It’s fairly incredible and heart warming to say that in less than a year, Twitch has been screened on four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Africa. When I had started creating this film, I had only ever left the States once. Now, within a year, the seven continents goal is very much in sight.

Despite the varying languages, cultures, and customs, every single international screening has been an incredible success. It seems that Twitch‘s message is able to reach a universal audience, both in terms of Huntington’s disease awareness and genetic testing education. I feel incredibly lucky to meet individuals from all over the world, some who have very similar stories to my own.

I wanted to personally thank one incredible woman who made the Cape Town screening possible. Her name is Jess, she’s from a Huntington’s disease family, and she may be the most effective HD support group leader I have ever met. Not only did she create the local support group, but she has also managed a very successful group of locals over the course of four years now. When I e-mailed her about a potential screening, she already had a theater in mind. Within just a few weeks, she booked a space, made posters, advertised all over Cape Town and convinced the members of the local support group to attend. She is one incredible woman and I am so proud to have organized this event with her. You rock, Jess.

Thank you all who made the 4th continent screening a smashing success. You are amazing.

(Note: Twitch has plans to visit Australia in September 2015 (Continent #5). If you’d like us to reach a certain location, e-mail us. Additionally, if you know of universities or science programs in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or China that might want to see this film, please send suggestions and introductions our way!)

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