Making our way to Australia

It’s officially happening! The Twitch team will be making their way to the land down under in September 2015. We are super excited! Not only will this be our fifth continent, but we will also finally be reaching the dozens of families and genetic counselors who have requested our presence for an in-person screening and Q&A. What’s the caveat? The usual: $$$$. Yes, Kristen here, once again begging you to open up your wallets one last time for the cause. The Twitch Tour will be ending this year and this is our very last push for funds before we transition to online distribution. So don’t worry: yes this is a blog post asking for your money, but it’s also the last time. Always look on the bright side, yah? This time around, we’re asking for a cool $5000 on IndieGoGo (not bad in comparison to our other campaigns). This campaign will fund my team’s flights out to Australia, travel to five different cities, venue rentals and lodging. (We hear the Australian bush is not the friendliest of accommodations.) Australia Map In case you’re waffling on whether to donate or not, consider this: 1) it’s tax deductible for American citizens (a bit ironic, but we’ll take it); 2) we’ll be targeting very stigmatized communities in Australia, providing outlets for conversation about taboos surrounding the disease; and 3)¬†Your donation may just empower an individual to speak up and raise awareness about HD and genetic testing, using the tools that Twitch provides. Pretty powerful, amirite? We’re not all wealthy, but even USD $10 would help enormously. Can’t contribute that much? Please share the campaign on social media and with friends and family. We appreciate any support we can get as we attempt to raise one last round of $5000. Thank you and much love! -Kristen For more information on the campaign, please click here.

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