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Twitch follows 18-year-old Kristen Powers as she undergoes genetic testing for the disease that killed her mother. Huntington’s Disease (HD), a neurodegenerative brain disorder, destroys an individual’s ability to walk, talk, think, and reason, eventually leading to death.  The film will chronicle the emotional, social and medical journey through this important test, as well as the impact it has on an individual’s future. Twitch will explore the science with major Huntington’s Disease experts and activists who will provide deeper insight into the complexities and hopes buried in the disease.  Huntington’s has great stigma surrounding it; solving its mystery could potentially lead to the cures of not only HD but also several other neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and ALS. This documentary will highlight the pressures people, especially young adults, face when given the chance to be handed their medical fate.


About Kristen Powers

Kristen Powers’ struggles with Huntington’s Disease began in 2003 when her mother was diagnosed with the illness. As a precocious nine-year old, she decided that she would not let this disease conquer her life. Despite the fact that she knew she had a 50% chance of inheriting the same fate as her mum, Kristen decided to start improving the world around her from that very moment. This led her to create the Chapel Hill High School Green Tiger Campaign and Garden which has received national recognition from Parade Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, the White House, Vice-President Joe Biden, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. It has even become the end of a few of Stephen Colbert’s jokes. Now that Kristen has finally turned 18, the legal testing age, she has decided to use her experience to chronicle the struggles of living with a fatal disease (her mum finally succumbed in January 2011), especially knowing that she may one day become the victim. Twitch is her first documentary, but she has big plans for it. Kristen hopes that the momentum from this film will lead to a national conversation about genetic testing and the search for a cure for various genetic diseases.

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